Foaming in Seawater Backpressure Tower


  • Zin Eddine Dadach Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Khalid Al-Ameri Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE


cooling water system, mechanical foam control, spray hollow cone nozzle


According to the literature, a small to moderate amount of foaming usually takes place in cooling water systems. However, in this case study, foam was found to overflow the sidewall of the tower and reach the equipment of the plant located around the tower. In order to protect the sea life, the proposed solution is based on mechanical foam control. For a more efficient defoaming, we are proposing to increase the height of the sidewall of the tower by 2.1 m in order to avoid overflow and have enough time for the spray hollow cone nozzle to destroy the foam. A controlled amount of anti-foaming agents based on Silicone and Acrylate Copolymers could be added if any foam is remaining after the mechanical control.


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