Matlab Implementation of Simple Counting Based Weighted Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Initial Condition Rule


  • Nuria Ata Employee in INSA and former Graduate of Ajou university, Bisrate Gebriel, Addis Ababa, 124498, Ethiopia
  • Lee Chaewoo Professor in Ajou University, 206,world cup-roYeongtong-gu,Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do, 443-749, South Korea


Secondary user, optimal weight, simple counting rule, error probability, initial condition rule


Cooperative spectrum sensing allows strict regulatory performance requirement to be relaxed on local sensing. In practice secondary users are more likely to experience distinct signal strength depending on distance from primary transmitter. This shows the need for weighting local decision by local reliability. In this paper we discuss implementation issue of simple counting based decision weighting method. And we provide solution and a complete MATLAB implementation code. We demonstrate, by carefully selecting the initial conditions, we can get stable performance. And also our results shows that the optimal weighted method outperforms the existing equal weight combining in terms of lower total error probability.


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