Multivariate Analysis of Psychometric Variables Affecting Job Satisfaction Among School Teachers: A Case Study at Primary and Secondary Schools in Shashemene Town, Ethiopia

  • Sano Kedir Mohammed Department of Statistics, Madda Walabu University, Robe, Ethiopia
Keywords: Psychometric variables, Factor analysis, job satisfaction, eigen-values, teachers


This study has dealt with factors affecting the level of job satisfaction among school teachers at Shashemene town in 2010/11 academic year. Data were obtained from primary and secondary sources. A cross-sectional survey was conducted on a total of 405 teachers from different government and non-government schools using stratified random sampling technique. In the present study, the relationships between psychometric items (55-items) were examined by the combination of factor analysis and Bayesian logistic regression analysis. Firstly, factor analysis was used to group the items of the same characters as factors or explanatory variables of job satisfaction among teachers. Then, ten factors, having eigen-values greater than 1, were selected as independent variables and the factor scores coefficients were used in the Bayesian logistic regression analysis. It was found that eight unobserved variables had significant effects on job satisfaction.


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