A Systematic Integration and Simulation of Transportation Network to Asses Efficiency Maximization: A Case of Benapole Land Port, Bangladesh

  • Porag Mahmud Junior Architect, J.A.Architects Ltd, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. B.Arch, Department of Architecture, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi 6204, Bangladesh.
  • Md. Asaduzzaman Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi 6204, Bangladesh.
Keywords: Transportation Network, Traffic Simulation, Circulation System, Land Port, Port Efficiency


Systematic transportation network and orderly circulation system is vital for the effective functioning of a land port facility. Benapole Port, the largest land port of entry in Bangladesh, located on Bangladesh- India border in Jashore. It handles most of the cross-border trade as well as a large number of passengers and trucks of goods are passed through this point every day. Due to lack of systematic organization and orderly traffic circulation control the port facility is unable to function at its full efficiency, resulting in traffic congestions, processing delay and systematic losses. The key challenge is to resolve the circulation network adequately and systematically to maneuver the cross-border traffic and cargo by the means of providing well organized traffic network, compaction of facilities, dedicated circulation system and smooth process flow of port activities. Through conduction of extensive site survey and in-depth data analysis the fundamental issues and remedial requirements forecasts are identified. By the means of computer aided simulation for comparison between multiple alternatives of traffic network distribution and circulation system the possible most suitable alternative can be assessed. The efficiency of this prevailed circulation system is supported by the results of the simulation, which can be able to optimize the addressed issues, also ensures maximized efficiency of the port functioning. Furthermore, either as a goods or tourists exchange point, Benapole Port has paramount importance and have potential to become a landmark establishment.


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