Study of the Clinical Impact of Drugs Interactions of Acenocoumarol


  • Safia lazreg EPH de Rélizane, N°3, city 160 ilots, Oules Adda Essenia, Oran 31005, Algéria
  • Habiba Fetati EHU d’Oran, service de pharmacovigilance


Acenocoumarol, drug interactions, criticality index


One of the problems linked to the use of acenocoumarol in therapy is the intra and interindividual variability of the doses necessary to obtain the desired INR; this may be due to several factors, including drug interactions. This is how we felt the need and the importance of undertaking this work which aims to identify the drugs most likely to interact with acenocoumarol and to assess the risk level of these interactions. This is a prospective, single-center cross-sectional study from January 01, 2017 until April 30, 2017, conducted at the pharmacovigilance service of the Oran EHU. In order to assess the risk level of an interaction, we used an interaction weighting method which allowed us to calculate the criticality indices (CI). The results highlighted 22 drugs at high risk of interacting with acenocoumarol of which amiodarone, omeprazole and diclofenac sodium are the most involved. This work was carried out with the aim of optimizing and securing acenocoumarol treatment.


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