Increasing Economic Development and Multiple Employment Opportunities Through Vocational Education in Bangladesh


  • Afroza Akter Rita Assistant Professor, BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone: +8801914496455, Postal address: Nishatnagar, Turag, Dhaka-1230.


Economic development, Employment opportunity, Career aspirations, Fashion and vocational education


Education is universally recognized for the growth and development of human resource which can take responsibility for social, economic and scientific development of the country. Students need to be educated in modern, professional-based and job oriented technical, technological and vocational programs, if they want to improve the quality of life. Higher education programmes that prepare students for careers in fashion have much to gain by keeping pace with the industry's changing needs. Fashion education is one of the rapid growing and prospering vocation education in Bangladesh as well as the world. The development of fashion education reflects the economic expansion of a developing country like Bangladesh. The capacity, hope and employment opportunities are huge as the fashion industry has development across many other fields. Fashion have diversified scope and significant opportunities for job market. Global forces have shaped the fashion industry into a complex and far-reaching phenomenon as well as increasing nation’s economy. Goal of this study is to investigate multiple employment opportunities as well as recognized potential professional success as a factor important to choose fashion education which is known as vocation education.


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