Rainfall Intensity – Duration Frequency Curves for Maxima Duration Series for Ondo Town, Ondo State, Nigeria


  • Philips Moses Otuaga Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.


Rainfall Intensity, Total Amount, Rain, Maxima Series, and Duration Frequency Curves.


Rainfall intensity is defined as the ratio of the total amount of rain (rainfall depth) falling during a given period to the duration of the period It is expressed in depth units per unit time, usually as mm per hour (mm/h). The statistical characteristics of high-intensity, short-duration, convective rainfall are essentially independent of locations within a region and are similar in many parts of the world. Analysis of short-term rainfall data suggests that there is a reasonably stable relationship governing the intensity characteristics of this type of rainfall [1].  Point rainfall average intensities and return periods for specified durations were calculated for annual maxima series. Plots of these were made to give the intensity – duration frequency curves. The amount of rain expected in 12 hours on the 50 – years curve is about 17.5mm per hour. Also, at the 10 – year curve, the average intensity corresponding to 12 hours is about 12.4mm per hour. This study is used for various water resources engineering designs and planning.

Author Biography

Philips Moses Otuaga, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Civil Engineering Technology/Senior Lecturer


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