Managing New Groundwater Irrigated Lands in Egypt Using GIS

  • Heba M. Salman Planning Sector, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Cairo, Egypt
  • Moamen El-Sharkawy Telemetry Department, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Cairo, Egypt
  • Aly N. El-Bahrawy Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Keywords: Egypt, New Lands, Management, ArcGIS, Water Resources, Web GIS, Groundwater


Geographic information technology is very important in the worldwide organizations due to its efficiency. Developments in different information systems and computer especially water resources data management systems, directly affect GIS. This technology can be used in Egypt which is an arid country to manage the water resources especially groundwater from both renewable and nonrenewable aquifers. The sustainable water management is one of the most important issues Egypt faces in reclamation lands, Water savings in agriculture in these new lands are an important objective of Egypt’s water strategy. Based on that the magnitude of potential water savings in agriculture and best achieve such savings and management is very important issue. In this study, the scope of the problem is how to manage the available groundwater resources in reclamation lands especially the most of reclamation land is far from the center of decision makers so there is a need to a remote management system. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an appropriate Spatial Decision Support System which quickly enables the decision makers to decide upon different planning and management issues and determine the optimal use of these resources without depletion. This research aims at building new water resources management tool to manage and control the groundwater resources by using a Web GIS in order to explore means of increasing water resources using efficiency in reclamation lands management based on dynamic maps and current data.


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