Tiktok Influences on Teenagers and Young Adults Students: The Common Usages of the Application Tiktok


  • Cell Dilon Associate Director of English Studies - Hua Hin Campus, Stamford International University, 1458 Petchkasem Rd., Cha-Am, Petchburi 76120, Thailand


Tiktok, Social media, Influencers, Young adults, Teenagers


This research paper is aimed at shedding light on the use of the mobile application Tiktok, it concluded that the use of the application, has had a very little negative impact on the main target user base. The research outlines to a certain degree some difficulties in the management of the application but in comparison with similar social media applications, they appear to be few. This research has concluded that the use of the application seems to be of more concern to spectators of the users than the actual users. This research has also been able to map out the spread of Tiktok over the past 3 years and how it has become a significant participant in the role of influencers, creating an entrepreneurial possibility with its growth. This research recommends further research into the use of popular social media apps and further monitoring of the expansion of the popularity of the usages of social media apps in general.


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