The Analysis of Traffic Flow on the Three-leg Intersection – Case Study Cazin


  • Elma Djuzelic Bosnian
  • Edis Softic
  • Marko Subotic


Roundabout, Level of Service, Flow


This paper deals with the analysis of traffic on the three-leg intersection in the city Cazin, at the junction of the three-leg intersection. The main issue of this research refers to the left-turn of vehicles coming from the merging road of the given intersection. The extensive analysis covered the current state of traffic flow by using the software tool, SIDRA INTERSECTION program. Within the suggested measures of improvement, the construction of a unsignalised roundabout was proposed. Implementation of the construction of a unsingalised roundabout would increase the level of traffic safety, reduce time losses while taking a left turn and therefore improve the Level of Service (LOS) as a qualitative indicator of traffic flow. 


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