“The Relationship Between High Fashion Brand’s Image, and Customer’s Behavior”

  • Dr. Sana Mahmoud Abbasi Niagara College, Capacity Building Project, Madinah, KSA
Keywords: Fashion, shoes, payless, palessi, social media, design, labels, Brands, psychology, z-generation, online-shopping


Shopping is all about marketing and presentation of merchandise. High Fashion Brands study the market and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on advertising to create a mood or presentation of a certain concept, hoping that the customers will end up buying their products. These carefully considered campaigns aspire to raise an emotional state that lingers long after the purchase is finalized.  A good example; is the budget American shoe brand “Payless” that wanted to raise its profile for the past holiday season, as it decided to play a prank and mimic the approach taken by high-end designer stores, even though only for a few days [The National, Dec, 2, 2018].  As the Payless shoes pranks social-media influencers with fake high-end brand Palessi (1).  As the budget store posed as a fictional designer Italian label for six days, that proved that customers are psychologically affected by the display, and merchandising layout, location, and can change their perspective about the product accordingly.  This research paper is going to investigate the psychology behind the relationship between High Fashion brands’ image and customer’s behavior, and how this relationship can affect the customer’s choices and buying habits.  


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