Use of Geolocation in ACP Systems

  • Sergi Gogokhia PhD Student, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Nikoloz Abzianidze Professor, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Keywords: Geolocation, SON, 5G, ACP, tilt, LTE, automation


Mobile network operators try to keep up with the growing demands of the users and use different bands and carriers, which itself increases the interference of the system and degrades the network quality. It is almost impossible to detect and resolve these issues one by one due to the scale and complexity of the system. Therefore, more and more operators are introducing the solutions that can automatically change network settings and improve network quality. Automated Cell Planning module uses different algorithms that requires optimization and efficiency improvement.  This can be accomplished by splitting the cluster into small bins and selecting worst areas for brute force attack that can reduce the number of iteration hundreds of times. Reducing the number of possible settings decreases the computation time and makes the whole process more efficient. Study and simulation of our new approach is given below.


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