Brain Cancer Detection Using U-Shaped Slot VIVALDI Antenna and Confocal Radar Based Microwave Imaging Algorithm


  • Eng. Reem Alagee Al-baath University, Homs, Syria
  • Dr. Abdulkarim Assalem Al-baath University, Homs, Syria


VIVALDI antenna, U-shaped slot, head phantom, specific absorption rate (SAR), confocal microwave imaging algorithm


VIVALDI antenna has been designed to work at frequency band [2.33-7.09] GHz with a maximum gain of 6.62dB. The antenna performance has been improved by creating a U-shaped slot on the upper layer of the antenna. etching U shape slot provides an improvement of 35.28% in return loss, 2.7% in bandwidth and 10% in gain. Spherical head phantom which consists of four layers whose dielectric properties have been compatible with their natural values has been designed by CST package to test the efficiency of antenna in the microwave imaging systems .1g average speci?c absorption rate (SAR) values has been measured in case the human brain without tumor and achieved international healthy standards. After that, it has been measured the value of SAR in case the human brain with tumor and observed that SAR value increased. Finally, monostatic radar-based confocal microwave imaging algorithm has been used to reconstruct image which appeared tumor location inside the head phantom. MATLAB software has been used to process data that obtained by CST package and generate the tumor image.


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