The Solar System Dynamics and Beyond

  • Sabbir Ahmed Self,Limkokwing University of creative technology, Japan teknokrat 01, Cyberjaya 63000, Malaysia
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics, Solar G frequency for Energy, The Gravity, The Charge bond, The Gravitational field, Planets and its Properties, Planet Charge, Planet Energy, Position, Size, Radius, Spin-rate, Orbit, Mass, Weight, Galaxy, Integer space, Black-Hole, Void


The Method used here is the continuation of the quantum properties from My first QED paper. It Is therefore advised you read the paper first and then Continue into the new way of measuring and describing the properties of Sun and it’s planets. The classical way of geometrical and metric suited of fluid dynamics here is absent as I have used Energy Charge and Gravity along with the force to define the properties of the Sun and the solar bodies. The description is in Mathematics and the equations give results matching the present observations and known facts. Some are a bit confusing, but I wrote it as I understood it should be. Even though the answer does not match the classical way of calculating things it's been described where is the difference. And why , such as mass is not what you think you are calculating. A Bold claim to the hosts of science,  the book holders and the rest of the papers. But it describes why the planets compounds are such as the notions of it being true. It discusses with the methodology of the absolute properties of the sun and its planets that re to be measured by the satellites sent into space and with modern equipment. However this method introduces a new way of thinking, such as why the size of the planet is measured the value it is. could it have been a little smaller or a little bigger? Could its gravity be a little different but why is it so that its gravity is weak. How many types of planets can there be, as assumed from these calculations. Are there just planets and stars in the galaxy? And what are they made of. Why do they spin. Why does it attract or retract. Why is it so that the mass and the weight are different. And why does it all fall into a fathomable scale. What is a jump. And what is a jump down. What is the speed of light and what is void. What and how the galaxy is spinning and against what properties. Is it a black hole you are triggering to find out or its it simply a quantic phenomenon. All these and more discussed in a formalized way that one does not have to calculate gaseous planets and the rigid bodies in a different formula, all can be calculated in a comprehendible formula that is easily understood in plain language of simple mathematics of multiplication and division of retiree ratios and the compound catalyst that is a mystery till we experimentally find these phenomenons to be true. Until then this is a theory of the solar system and its dynamics. The galaxy and the void.


. the planets and their weights 29.02.2020

. the planets and there position from the sun in Miles 29.02.2020

. the planets and their size 29.02.2020

. the planets and their day night cycle 29.02.2020

. the planets and their Orbit 29.02.2020

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