Cognitive Mechanics and its Mathematical Model

  • Sabbir Ahmed Self,Limkokwing University of creative technology, Japan teknokrat 01, Cyberjaya 63000, Malaysia
Keywords: Cognition, Cognitive Mechanics, Automated Cognition, NON_Baysian Algorithm, Philosophy, Personality, Conscience


The method and the content produced in this paper is not going to be comprehendible easily. it is a completely new way of thinking. off course since my major was advertising as sample i used advertising as sample data. But the data for other things have been theorized argument ally. on Logic. Mathematical and Progressive logic. at the end it has been coded withe same principle and proven that this indeed is true to its claims. I started from Zero. Build it from the ground up to its structure. and those gave results and the results are to be correct. A lot of things to cover but it has been step-in forth to progress chronologically from the very conscience theory. the following is the Content in which order they have been discussed and formulated. Here' I am just going to concentrate more on the COGNITION.


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