Experimental Research and Mathematical Modeling of Surface Roughness Parameters During Milling of Steel St 52-3

  • Fitim Zeqiri Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering, University of Mitrovica, 40000 Republic of Kosovo
  • Burim Fejzaj Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, 81000 Podgorica
Keywords: milling, surface roughness, roughness parameters, mathematical modeling


In this research is intended to investigate surface roughness parameters of material (St 52-3 according DIN standard) during milling process. For research are taken minimal and height parameters Ra, Rt and Rz, processing were conducted on CNC KNUTH X.mill 900 CNC drilling machine, while measurement were conducted with equipment TALYSURF for measurement of roughness parameters. The experiments were carried out on the samples (plates) of the materials mentioned above with dimensions L=20mm and a width b=60mm, while the roughness of the surface in this paper is experimentally presented with factors which have a more significant impact, and using the three-factor [23 + 4] plan.


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