Improving the Vietnamese Academic Research Quality at People’s Police Academies and Universities in the Present Period

  • Hue Vuong People's Security Academy, Km9+500 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, 10000, Vietnam
Keywords: research quality, lecturers, people’s police academies and universities, national security


Improving training quality at universities, in general, and at police academies, in particular, has always been associated with quality of scientific research. This largely depends on the academic research quality, which plays a decisive role in the fundamental and comprehensive education renewal and especially in people’s police education and training. Lecturers at People’s Police Academies and Universities, besides having favorable conditions in their process of scientific research, have confronted a lot of difficulties. This article is an attempt to deal with special features of scientific research at those institutions, discuss measures in order to improve research quality, and promote academics' research activities at people’s police institutions in the present period. Mixed methods were used as the data collection for this research, through questionnaires and in-depth interviews, to clarify and explain the initial findings and suggested solutions.


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