2DPSK Signal Detection Based on Cascaded Stochastic Resonance


  • Dr. XU Chen-hao Polytechnic University School of Physical Science and Technology ,No.399 Binshui West Road Xiqing District, Tianjin300387,China
  • Wang Fu-zhong Tianjin Polytechnic University School of Physical Science and Technology ,No.399 Binshui West Road Xiqing District, Tianjin300387,China


stochastic resonance, 2DPSK signal, bit error rate, cascaded bistable system, signal-to-noise ratio


In the case of poor channel environment, the detection and reception of digital signal often appear errors. In view of this situation, by reducing the error rate of coherent reception of 2D PSK signals, we propose a new method based on the detection efficiency and improved cascaded stochastic resonance theory.A cascaded bistable stochastic resonance model was established by using stochastic resonance theory. The nonlinear receiver was used to receive 2DPSK signal under small signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The experimental results show that the spectrum peak of the output signal of cascade stochastic resonance system is 5.70 times that of the traditional model. The output error rate of cascaded nonlinear system model can be reduced by 92.31% compared to the traditional model when the input signal to noise ratio is -7dB. Consequently, the output signal of the system is more likely to be detected and the accuracy can be greatly improved.


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