Experimental Culture of Averrhoa Carambola in Environmental Application


  • Dr. Kitambala Kaboka Achille Department of sciences of the environment, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Efoto Eyale Louis Départment of physical, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Kidikwadi T. Esthache Department of sciences of the environment, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Mvingu Kamalandua Bienvenu Départment of chemical, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Lokoki Luyeye Félicien Department of Biology, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Kikufi Antony Department of Biology, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa
  • Biey Makaly Emmanuel Department of sciences of the environment, Faculty of Science of the University of Kinshasa


culture, A. carambola, application


The A. carambola adapts better to the tropical climate in spite of his water requirements.¶12 seeds were planted in almond-flavored holes of the compost. ¶The seeds were placed in one to germoir, then, of the seedbed, the seedlings mended in a perforated ground of three Kilogrammes of the organic matter. ¶Watering with water 1.500mL per day and three times per week boosté the growth which was followed while taking measurements of diameter, the height and the counting of a number of sheets and ramifications. ¶10 plants survived after 12 monts of flight face the Bad water and one new the los of 2 plants. ¶Thèse cultures were carrier out with an aime of créatine a source of juive provisionné of carambola, one bio coagulant for the trématent of the lâchâtes produced in this Mpasa with Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of Congo. ¶The output was 83 %. ¶


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