Antioxidant and Anti-Collagenase Effectivity of Red Dragon Fruit Peel and Kaempferol 3-0-Rutinoside


  • Suliwati Kinari University of Prima Indonesia
  • Ermi Girsang
  • Ali Napiah Nasution
  • I. Nyoman Ehrich Lister


antioxidant, anti collagenase, red dragon fruit peel extract, kaempferol 3- O-rutinoside


Background: Aging is a natural process in human life, which is closely related to various degenerative processes. Skin aging can be caused by internal factors that are influenced by the enzyme collagenase and elastase while external factors are influenced by the environment such as sunlight and chemicals. Free radicals are one of the aging factors that cause oxidative stress and cell apoptosis. Antioxidant compounds can fight oxidation by neutralizing free radicals. Natural antioxidants from the peel of red Dragon fruit as antiaging agents.  Aims: To investigate the antioxidant and anti-aging activities of ethanol extract of Red Dragon fruit peels and kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside compounds. Methods: antioxidant assay was measured by the FRAP method and anti-aging property was measured through inhibitory activities of collagenase. Results: Red dragon fruit peel extract had the highest FRAP antioxidant activity at a concentration of 50 ug/ml which FRAP activity was 102.35 µg Fe while the highest FRAP antioxidant activity in kaempferol was 202.57 µg Fe. Anticolagenase activity by the highest red dragon fruit peel extract at a concentration of 250ug / ml was 74.36 ± 0.56% while kaempferol was 72.79 ± 1.02% Collagenase inhibition activity can be seen from the IC50 value. IC50 extracts of red dragon fruit skin 109.84 ug/ml and kaempferol at 44.32 ug/ml. Conclusion: Overall,  Kaempferol -3-O-rutinoside compound has higher antioxidant and anti-aging activity compared to red dragon fruit peel extract.


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