Evaluation of Mapping Accuracy of High-Resolution Stereoscopic Satellite Images

  • Hossam H. El-Semary Faculty of Engineering-Shobra , Benha University-Cairo-Egypt
Keywords: Stereoscopic, High Resolution, Satellite Images, Spatial Accuracy.


High resolution satellite images is still used in large scale mapping due to the need to produce fast products. High resolution stereoscopic satellite images present good enough 3d products that include the benefits of large-scale coverage and low-cost products. A stereopair of IKONOS satellite is used in this research that covers a part of North Sudan country. The study handles the 3d mapping accuracy of using stereoscopic satellite images. The study gives a spotlight on the accuracy in X, Y, Z and the space vector R. Another view of this study the N, E and elevation is indicated. The research environment is mainly ENVI software due to its capabilities of topographic processing module. Some distributed set of ground points (control and tie) was determined on the images and then observed using GPS surveying. Several experiments have been performed to evaluate the resulted mapping product.


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