Ultrasound and MRI Findings in Patients with Planter Fasciitis


  • Dr. Mohammed AbdKadhim M.B.Ch.B., F.I.B.M.S , Professor in diagnostic radiology, Iraqi board of medical specialization and Medical collage/ Al-Nahrain university.‎ Consultant radiologist in Al-Imamian Al-Kadhimyian medical city/ Baghdad/ Iraq
  • Dr. Noor Jalal Al-deen M.B.Ch.B , Radiologist in Al-Imamian Al-Kadhimyian medical city/ Baghdad Iraq


plantar fasciitis, ultrasound, MRI.


Background: planter fasciitis is the most common painful heel condition caused by inflammation at the insertion of the planter fascia on the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity…it is usually clinically diagnosed but radiological imaging used for confirmation of the diagnosis and exclusion of the other conditions (such as foreign bodies, PF rupture, calcaneal bursitis….etc.) that may have same clinical presentation. Aim of the study: to assess the ultrasonography and MRI findings in patients with planter fasciitis. Patients  and Method: In across sectional study of 34 patients(16 men and 18 women) with suspected unilateral or bilateral plantar fasciitis, 46 symptomatic heels were examined by both high-resolution ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocol to assess the different signs;11 healthy volunteers (22 heels) acted as controls. Results: in symptomatic feet, the plantar fascia was thickened. The thickness of the plantar fascia in symptomatic feet was (3.5–7.5 mm in range; mean 5.5mm ± 1.3) measured by ultrasound which was significantly thicker than in the control group (2–2.8 mm in range; mean 2.4mm± 0.07); P < 0.05. Other sonographic signs used for the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis in the study were compared to MRI findings. The diagnostic accuracy was 78.2% for abnormal intrinsic echogenicity within the plantar fascia, 73.9% for focal thickening ,60.8% for subcutaneous edema around the plantar fascia, and the lowest diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound was in detection of associated calcaneal spur (56.5%). The findings were compared and discussed in relation to other thesis. Conclusion: Ultrasonographic diagnosis of planter fasciitis is a useful tool compared to MRI and it could be the easy initial imaging modality for confirmation of clinically suspected plantar fasciitis. MRI may be kept for cases where a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis does not confidently explain the clinical presentation and when complex pathology is suspected.

Author Biography

Dr. Noor Jalal Al-deen, M.B.Ch.B , Radiologist in Al-Imamian Al-Kadhimyian medical city/ Baghdad Iraq



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