International Schools’ Role and Impact on Local Education Development


  • Thanh Huyen Education Committee, Nguyen Hoang Education Group, 49 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City


International school, Vietnamese school, local education, identity, education, interculture, sharing, selection


Even though the first international school in Vietnam had been established before the government passed the Resolution 29 on ‘Basic and comprehensive innovation of education and training’, many localities have raised a question: "What is the role and impact of the international schools in educational development in Vietnam?". By using participant observation research methododology and personal experiences, from the individual perspective of the author who used to teach at many international schools in Ho Chi Minh City combined with the emic and etic approaches, I try to answer this question. Through participatant observation and analysis, the result shows that the international schools not only play a role as a reference for the Vietnamese schools to shape their identity, but also create cultural and educational impacts, contributing to promoting the innovation process through cohesion, cooperation and integration, as a result it enhances international understanding of local education. This impact process is proactive, positive, based on sharing and highly consciously select reception.


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