Electrical Prospecting for Structural Setting in North-East Al-Umarah City / Iraq


  • Mohammad Ibrahim Abdul-Razzak Ministry of Water Resources General Directorate of Water Resources Management Ground Water Studies Center / Baghdad, Iraq. Feb.2019


Geophysics, Electric, Structural setting, Iraq


An electrical resistivity investigation as vertical electrical sounding technique was utilized to measure and detect the vertical changes in resistivity of the geologic section even the subsurface structure in North-East Al-Umarah city / Iraq."27" VES'S were carried out using schlumberger conFigure ure uration with maximum current electrode spacing of (950m). It is believed that such spacing can give enough penetration in which it then yields and reflects sufficient information about the subsurface condition. The purpose of this study is how can find an approach to exploit the present measurements in order to give more obvious picture about the subsurface condition which then main task of the work can be reached. This approach is abbreviated by using the horizontal resistivity data extracted and discriminated from the schlumberger VES'S field data, where horizontal resistivity contour maps "as an earth slices" for all usable spacing were constructed and space section as well. More information can also be invented and obtained with the aid of available geophysical information. Two intersected vertical contacts as fault like structure were concluded, could be with various age, the older one trending NW-SE while the younger one trending NE-SW which are in well conforming with available surface geological information .


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