Possibilities of Using Hybrid Solar PV/T Systems and Other Solar Energy Technologies in Hotels in the Mediterranean Region

John Vourdoubas


Replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies is a necessary step in the mitigation of climate change. Hotels utilize large amounts of energy in their operation. The Mediterranean region is a popular tourism destination particularly in the summer. During this period, when the majority of the hotels operate, solar irradiance is abundant. Therefore the use of benign energy sources like solar energy for covering part or all of the energy requirements in summer-operating hotels in the Mediterranean region is of paramount importance. Various solar energy technologies can be used to generate electricity, heat and cooling. Some of them are mature, reliable, cost-effective and already being used. Others are not mature but they are promising and their commercialization requires further improvements and financial support. The possibility of using solar energy technologies for covering the energy requirements in hotels in the Mediterranean region has been examined. Solar photovoltaic technology for electricity generation, solar thermal technology for domestic hot water production and solar thermal cooling technology for air-conditioning have been investigated. Additionally hybrid solar PV/T systems for co-generation of heat and power have also been examined.


Crete; solar energy; hotel; hybrid solar systems; Mediterranean; photovoltaic.

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