Migratory Movements and Risk Factors for Introduction of Pathogenic Agents in Border Spaces in South-East Benin

Azaria Oladjide, Léon Bani Bio Bigou


The border areas in southeastern Benin are very dynamic and are excellent places for regional integration. However, certain practices exposing the health of border populations to danger are noticed. First, most passengers cross borders without a minimum health check. Secondly, live animals, animal products, certain animal feeds and anything that could allow a pathogen or any other health threat to cross the border during the import or transit of such products escape mainly to the veterinary control system. The analysis of immunization data also reveals that 14.3% of foreigners in these spaces never vaccinated their children aged 0 to 5 years and only 21.4% went to the four appointments of national days Finally, descriptive analyzes of sex workers in the area's population show the preponderance of young women of foreign origin and the population of men who have sex with men.


Benin; health; border control; health threat; border area.

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