The Effects of Lime on Acid Properties of Soil and on Faba Bean Yield in Banja District. The Case of Sankit Lideta, Awi Zone Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia


  • Ayalew Muluye Melsew Begimeder College of Teachers Education, Po.Box-20, Debra Tabor, Ethiopia


Lime, Soil Acidity, Faba bean yield.


This study was conducted in the known acid soil area of Ethiopia Awi zone which is found in the Amhara regional state.  Five levels of lime introduced (0, 1150kg/ha, 2300kg/ha, 3450kg/ha, 4600kg/ha) on the faba bean productivity in the acidic soils. This experiment   was arranged in a factorial experiment using randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications and 39 .13kg/ha Urea and100kg/ha TSP had been used as the source of N and P, respectively. Crop data such as plant height, biomass yield and grain yield , 50% flowering ,50% maturity,95% maturity, number  of  pods/plant ,number of seeds /pod ,number of seeds /plant ,lodging ,stand count at emerge and harvest collected and analyzed using SAS Software version 9. The result of this study indicated that 4600kg/ha, lime brought significantly higher result than the control. As lime level increased from the 0 to 4600kg/ha, grain yield, 50% flowering, biomass yield, number of pods /plant, number of seeds/plant   increased. However, as lime level increased the number of seeds/ pod, stand count at emerges, stand count at harvest, 50%maturity, 95%maturity did not bring significant change.


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