Approximation Theory on Summability of Fourier Series

Sanjay Mukherjee, A J Khan


The results of Chandra to (e,c) means U.K.Shrivastava and S.K.Verma have proved the following theorem

THEOREM : Let . Then


Where  is nth (e, c) means of fourier series of f at x.     

In this paper we obtain the Fourier series by (N,p,q)(E,1) which is the analogues  to  the (e , c) means given above .The theorem is as follows

THEOREM: Let  and  be the positive monotonic, non increasing sequence of real numbers be summable (N,p,q)(E,1) to f(x) at the point t=x is



Fourier series; Borel means; Lebesgue series.

Full Text:



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