Modelling of Information for Additive Manufacture (AP242) and Comparative with Other Existing Models

Rolando Gartzia González, Joaquín Barreiro García


With the advent of new technologies, there has been a revolution in recent decades that is not alien to companies. Nowadays, the organization of the company is subject to a series of information and/or qualities that are convenient to organize. In order that the information of a company can be used by other collaborating companies, some standards that allow communication have been created. The ISO 10303 standard, better known as STEP, is the international standard that is fulfilling this objective of standardizing the methods that allow what is called "interoperability". Very recently, different solutions are being articulated to those proposed ones in this study, aimed at providing solutions to the same problems, such as using the model based on STEP - NC. The purpose of this research is to develop a proposal that incorporates the AP242 standard (ISO 10303) in the information model for a manufacturing technique that is growing at great speed, known as "Additive Manufacturing"; for this purpose, the feasible project methodology is used, in addition to making a comparison with other existing models.


modelling; information systems; ISO 10303; action protocols; AP242; STEP-NC; Additive Manufacturing.

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