Development of a Mini Single-Tube Biomass Boiler

Peter Aruoture Oghenekowho, Eyere Emagbetere, Benjamin Ufuoma Oreko, Joseph Oyetola Oyekale


This paper reports the design and construction of a biomass boiler that can generate steam from locally available wood charcoal. Various parts of the boiler were designed using the ASME standard, and appropriate components for safety and measurement were selected. The boiler tube was a 58 liters capacity cylindrical vessel with hemispherical base with thickness of 6 mm, designed for maximum pressure of 15 bar. After construction, the designed boiler was tested by heating with wood charcoal with intention to identify the boiler response time. The new boiler performed satisfactorily.


Charcoal; Boiler response time; Biomass.

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