EDFA Gain Evaluation in WDM Transmitting System of the Free Space Optics FSO

Muthana Y. Aldouri, Dr Maki Mahdi, Dr Abdulsalam M. Saeed


This work propose Free Space Optics Systems (FSO) which is considered as one of the most effective solutions to the optical communication environment. It is intended to design a new modified WDM transmitter operating for 16 channel multi users with Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA). As slicing in Wavelength Division Multiplexer(WDM) systems, in the transmitter channel at frequency 1558nm and chip spacing 0.8 nm , power equal to -23.5dBm,while the output power will record 28.4mw (14.54dBm) measured by the optical power meter. plus by using NRZ modulation format, while the input power is generated with a CW laser, The spectrum-sliced WDM channel operating at high data rate such as 1Gbps,have been transmitted signal to more than 300 Km, no interference occur. This is done by the use of simulation software version 7.


CW Laser; EDFA; NRZ; WDM transmitter technique; FSO.

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