Solution of Second Order Linear and Nonlinear Two Point Boundary Value Problems Using Legendre Operational Matrix of Differentiation


  • Abdurkadir Edeo Bule Hora University, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Bule Hora 144, Ethiopia


Boundary Value Problems (BVPs), Legendre Operational Matrix of Differentiation, Linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations.


In this paper, an approach using Tau method based on Legendre operational matrix of differentiation [2] & [5] has been addressed to find the solutions of second order linear and nonlinear two point boundary value problems of ordinary differential equations. In the implementation of this approach, the given second order two point boundary problems is converted into a system of algebraic equations, whose solutions are the Legendre coefficients. The validity and efficiency of the method has also been illustrated with numerical examples supported by graphs.


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