Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation in Vietnam and Recommendations

  • Kien Le Trung Lieutenant Colonel, PhD, Vice Dean of the Post-graduate Training Institute, The People's Police Academy, Vietnam
  • Thu Nga Tran Thi Major, PhD, Vice Dean of the Environmental Police Department, The People's Police Academy, Vietnam
Keywords: child sexual exploitation, crime, child rape, child molestation, sexual intercourse, children.


Child sexual exploitation has been a serious trouble in Vietnam for a long time. Since 2014, the law enforcement instituted about 1,200 to 1,900 cases annually. Statistics show about 2,000 children are victims of child sexual exploitation crime every year, in which girls account for approximately 80%. A worrying trend is there are more and more children under 6 years old become victims. Thanks to recent efforts from the government and other stakeholders, the situation of this crime has been improvd effectively. In the coming years, all stakeholders need to adopt several measures for preventing and suppressing this type of crime. This paper presents some main problem, giving causes and effects, the recommendation and solution of issue. If these solutions could be applied, they will help to deal with child sexual more feasible; therefore, raising and minimizing this type of violation in Vietnam in the coming time.


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