A New Hybrid Optimization Model under Outsourcing Constraint: A Tunisian Case Study

  • Rim Jmal
Keywords: Supply chain, delivery, outsourcing.


This paper introduces a new Hybrid Optimization Model under Outsourcing Constraint. It integrates the constraint of outsourcing over the product life cycle of product. It came out of the hybridization of two well-known models. The first is the new product diffusion model which considers the interaction between manufacturing and marketing decisions within a company and ignores other functions like sourcing and distribution. The second model is the configuring a new supply chain (SCC) which selected the option that minimizes the total supply chain cost. The new hybrid model simultaneously determines optimal production and delivery plan since it allows to specify when and how much to subtract. More precisely, our Model under Outsourcing Constraint aim to maximize net profit and facilitate decision-making regarding strategy of Outsourcing. The proposed model is applied in practical case with several scenarios to identify the optimal plan which defines the correct quantities to be produced or distributed by company resources and those to be outsourced to maximize the company’s net revenue. A comparison between the results obtained by our model shows that the Hybrid Optimization Model under Outsourcing Constraint are better than the real data obtained by the strategy of the company.


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