Poverty and Agriculture Development in Indonesia: Unfinishing Agenda

  • Zulgani Zulgani Economics and Business Faculty, Jambi University-Indonesia
  • Syaparuddin Syaparuddin Economics and Business Faculty, Jambi University-Indonesia
  • Armandelis Armandelis Economics and Business Faculty, Jambi University-Indonesia
  • Amri Amir Economics and Business Faculty, Jambi University-Indonesia
Keywords: poverty, farmer term of trade, human development index, regional minimum wage, rate of economic growth.


This study aims to see the effect of the variable rate of economic growth (GRDP), farmer terms of trade (FTT), human development index (HDI), and regional minimum wage (RMW) on the number of poor people in Indonesia during the period 2010-2016. The analysis was carried out using a panel data regression model. The results showed that GRDP (the rate of economic growth) had a negative and significant effect on poverty, while the HDI variable had a significant negative effect. For the FTT and RMW variables both have positive and significant effects on poverty. There needs to be a fundamental change in realizing a more sustainable, quality, and equitable economic growth and formulating a state budget that is more pro-poverty reduction, agricultural development and rural areas


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