Solving the Multi-objective Facility Location Problem Using Big Bang Big Crunch and Pigeon Inspired Optimization Techniques

Keywords: Multi-objective, Facility Location, Big Bang – Big Crunch, Pigeon Inspired Optimization.


This paper presents two metaheuristic techniques which are Big Bang Big Crunch and Pigeon Inspired Optimization to solve the multi-objective facility location problem of creating new IT units as branches of the main Datacenter in one of the largest universities in the middle east to put a good network design minimizing number of threats and risks through the network segments, the consumed runtime of travelled packets through it and the total required distances to build this design. The big bang big crunch technique gives results, also the pigeon inspired optimization gives good results comparing the first technique. A system was designed and developed to contribute in solving the problem, 50 runs of solving the problem were carried out for every technique to determine which the solutions are dominate the other and which of them converges quickly to the optimum state, so a comparison study is carried out to compare the techniques performance and results which support the wanted design of the network expansion.


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