Model Defects in Evolving Software Product Lines: A Review of Literature

Amal Khtira, Anissa Benlarabi, Bouchra El Asri


Software products lines (SPLs) are long living systems that undergo several evolutions throughout their lifetime due to many reasons related to technology, strategy, business, etc. These evolutions can be the source of several defects that impact the different artefacts of SPLs, namely requirements, models, architecture and code. Many studies in the literature have dealt with the correction of defects in software product lines, but to our knowledge, no reviews have been carried out to provide an extensive overview of these studies. In this paper, we present a literature review of model defects in software product lines. The purpose of this review is to enumerate the different defects discussed in literature and to present the approaches proposed to detect and correct them. The findings of this review reveal new research leads to explore in this issue.


Evolution; Literature Review; Model Defects; Software Product Line.

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