A Wireless Semi-Humanoid Solar Powered Robomower

Victor O. Matthews, Etinosa Noma-Osaghae, Uzairue Stanley Idiake, Segun I. Popoola


Robotic lawn mowers have come to stay. The ease with which lawns and fields can be maintained without any human input is mind-blogging. As technology improves, the complexity and diversity of robotic lawn mowers keeps pushing into realms only imagined in the immediate time past. But in this age of interconnected things and interwoven thinking, there is a strong push for greater convenience, especially when distance becomes an impediment to getting domestic tasks done. This paper proposes a convenient way of maintaining lawns in absentia. It details the design and construction of a smart Robomower affixed with a wireless surveillance camera and enabled by the power of interconnected things. This represents a radical shift in lawn mowing. The novel wireless surveillance camera on the implemented smart Robomower makes it possible for owners of lawns to maintain them via the internet at all times, especially in absentia.


Surveillance; Camera; Wireless; Green Energy; Gardener; Mower; Smart; Lawn, Grass; Motors; Internet of Things.

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