Assessing the Skills of Roadside Mechanics in Diagnosing and Fixing Problems of Modern Electronic Managed Vehicles in Ghana (Tamale Metropolis)

Baba Ziblim, Jacob Nkrumah, Issifu Imoro


The paper assesses the skills of roadside mechanics in diagnosing and fixing problems of vehicle system and components in the Tamale Metropolis. In the study, the various vehicle repair and maintenance skills used by roadside mechanics were investigated using questionnaires as data collection tool. The study revealed that, a large number of the auto-mechanics in the Tamale Metropolis have considerable years of auto repair working experience, but lack the ability to inspect and repair modern electronic managed vehicles due to low educational and technical levels. The study also indicates that, the auto mechanics lack the ability to use modern diagnostic equipment, manufacturer’s manuals, computers and internet which have characterized modern vehicle repairs, in their repair practices. It is recommended that, government should assist in training roadside mechanics to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the area of automotive electronics. Training institutions and organizations such as the universities, polytechnics, National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), etc., should assist particularly in the form of education and training to equip roadside mechanics with the requisite skills and technology to be able to work on the electronic managed vehicles.


Diagnosing; Vehicle Systems; Component; Roadside; Mechanics; Assessing; Skills; Metropolis.

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