Influence of World's Fashion on Bangladeshi Fashion Trends from the 1950s to 2018

Rumana Yasmin Chowdhury Natasha


Fashion is the most fundamental thing for a society because by the fashion it is easy to get the idea of modernization of any area. Bangladesh is still developing in terms of fashion. This Subcontinent got liberation from the British colonialism almost 71 years ago. With the partition of British India in 1947 two modern states, India & Pakistan was born. That time Fashion was considered as extravagant so somewhat was intimidated but styling look was not separated from its own way. Bangladesh was born in 1971 after the liberation war with Pakistan. Within this period many styles came and went. Throughout the years the people of Bengal had the interest to look beautiful. By the year fashion has been changed with the development of the country. Some people followed western and some followed traditional & cultural attire. The study was done to find out the changes in fashion trends throughout 1950-2018 in Bangladesh and to understand whether Bangladeshi people were influenced by worlds' fashion or not.


World’s fashion; Ladies wear; Fashion; Trend; Hairstyles.

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