The General Assessment of Black Sea Ecological Problems and Recommendations of Eliminate Them

Robert Diakonidze, Irine Baramidze, Kakhaber Bilahvili, Vazha Trapaidze, Tamriko Supatashvili, Bela Diakonidze


In the article is presented the result of the 2008-2017 research, particularly, the general assessment of Black Sea ecological problems, quality of sea and inflow water, also depth distribution level of hydrogen sulfide.
It has been evaluated abrasion processes of the Black Sea coastal zone and the possibility of its stabilization by regulation of solid sediment transported by rivers.
It is estimated that the number of solid sediment scales that will stop or significantly reduce the seaside capture and wash away.
It has been made general assessments of the Black Sea ecological problems and recommendations for their elimination.


Black Sea; water quality; hydrogen sulfide; abrasion.

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