Calculate the Ratios of Some Heavy Metals and the Physical Properties of the Soil Used in the Local Brick Industry

  • Ibtihaj Ahmed kadhim Biology Science Department, College of Education for women / University of Thi- Qar
Keywords: bricks, soil, soil characteristics, environmental pollution.


The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of the soils used in the manufacture of bricks in terms of the ratios of some heavy elements and their impact on the characteristics of the bricks first and their impact on environmental pollution. This study was based on a field survey of ten sites, with five samples from areas used as quarries for the brick factory, and five samples of brick bricks for the same quarry, ie brick bricks for the same quarry, to find the ratios of the heavy elements of five different elements in the sample of the quarry and compare them with the same elements in brick bricks for the same quarry The soil properties (particle size gradient, organic matter, hydrogen function and electrical conductivity) were studied and their effect on the bricks used in the brick industry was studied. The concentration of the elements was( 110.2) Pb, (8.2) Cd (39) Zn (53.4) Cu (37.8) Ni in the unit per million of the quarry, but the concentration of the coffee blocks was (113.6) Pb, (9.4) Cd 40.2 (Zn) 53.8 (Cu) 39 (Ni) ppm. The concentration of lead, cadmium and copper is high for both quarry and brick blocks. As for zinc and nickel, the concentrations were less than the permissible limit, which leads to the conclusion that pollution is the result of human environmental activities


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