The Situation of the Delinquency of the Minor in the Republic of Macedonia

  • Shaban Sulejmani
  • Salim Sulejmani
  • Rahim Jashari
Keywords: delinquensy, negative phenomenon, asocial behaviour, sociopathology, juvenile.


The juvenile delinquency, as a special negative phenomenon today represents a global social problem facing all the countries of the world. There is almost no place in the world that is not preoccupied with sociopathological problems, and among them the Republic of Macedonia, which has problems with juvenile delinquensy as an asocial behavior. This deplorable activity of young people, among other things, risks the quality of their lives and not only. Many sciences deal with this phenomenon, whose purpose is to discover causes, ways, intensity and forms of manifestation, which ultimately aim at how to, more efficiently, treat and “cure” this phenomenon. The volume and level of growth of this phenomenon deviates from the inefficiency of social institutions and the adequate and successful observation by competent state bodies.


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