MEDIA: Instrument of Family Pastoral Care

  • Dr Cyril Arima University of South Africa (UNISA), Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology, Holy Family Parish, P.O Box 227, Ofcolaco - Tzaneen, 0854, South Africa
Keywords: Media, instrument, family, pastoral, care.


In the West Nile Region media, a truncation of communication, used to be an ‘organized means of dissemination of fact, opinion and entertainment’ that builds the nation. In the church, media serves as instrument of family pastoral care. However, today media are accused of promoting violence, pornography and distorting cultural and Christian values. In the Catholic Church, many media practitioners are challenged when witnessing some local media stations promote hatred/violence.  This study is qualitative research. It addresses bias and misconception of people about the media broadcast. Major media contributors are not technology but people. They either use well technology to build, or misuse technology to destroy their nation. The paper focuses on media in family pastoral care.


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