Alley Botanical Garden Strategic Plan Conservation and Sustainability

  • Ola Homaidan Noureddine Alley, Lebanon
  • Reem Bou ZeinEddine Beirut, Lebanon
Keywords: Botanic gardens, Conservation genetics, living collections.


Sustainability is a word heard everywhere lately whether the subject is energy, lodging, fishing or gardening.Living botanic garden plant accumulations are essential and underused overall asset for plant protection. A shared objective in dealing with a natural living gathering is to keep up the best biodiversity at the best financial and calculated effectiveness. However to date there is no brought together procedure for management living plants inside and among botanic garden. We propose a procedure that joins three markers of the administration need of a gathering: data on animal varieties imperilment, genetic description, and the effective costs related to keeping up hereditary description. In mix or alone, these pointers can be utilized to examine viability and effectiveness of living growths, and to employ a numeric protection motivation to an increase. Management decisions can be readily extended to other species based on our pointers. Accordingly, the preservation assessment of animal varieties can be shared through existing databases with other botanic gardens and give a depressed of suggestions toward a joined administration technique for living accumulations. Our approach is easily applied and well suitable for decision-making by gardens and organizations interested in plant conservation.Thus living a sustainable lifestyle has never been easier, and the Garden, “Alley Botanical Garden”, which is the subject of this project, is committed to help visitors and neighbors find the most effective ways to be green. We must take action today to save our children’s life and environment.


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