Extraction of Dye from Natural Source (LAC) & its Application on Leather

Md. Tushar Uddin, Md. Abdur Razzaq, Md. Moshrur Raihan, Ariful Hai Quadery, Murshid Jaman Chowdhury, Farid Ahmad


The aspect of dyeing leather without hampering the environment and human health is burning issue since the last century. This study was an endeavor to introduce a convenient natural dye from the insect of Cocus Lacca for dyeing leather in an eco-friendly way. The effect of process parameters of dyeing viz. pH, temperature, time duration, exhaustion of color, shade brightness, color fastness etc. had been studied. Result showed that the optimum extraction was 4% at 90°C. The pH of the developed dye was 6.5 and optimum time of dye exhaustion was 80 minutes. The extracted dye was applied on split leather with and without mordant. It was found that mordant has a significant effect on the color of leather. Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4) mordant showed more excellence. Future research on the same field using different extraction methods, different mordants, and mordanting methods will optimize the results of the current study. 


Mordant; Dyeing; Cocus Lacca; Natural dye; Leather; Eco-friendly.

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