Reliability Allocation and Optimization for a Complex Systems

  • Saad Abbas Abed Department of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Education, Iraqia University Baghdad, Iraq, Ph.D student at Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 313, Romania.
Keywords: Reliability, Allocation, Optimization Reliability.


A system is defined as an assembly of subsystems; each of the subsystems has its own attributes in terms of reliability. The reliability of the system as a total is a function related to the metrics of the reliability of the subsystem. The sum obtained from the costs that have to be paid for all the subsystems form together the costs of the entire system. I examined in this paper the attempts and method of allocating the values of reliability with the purpose of minimizing the costs. The problem applies to mechanical, electrical, computer hardware and software systems, and it includes thus a very wide range of aspects. The reliability of the system must be expressed in order for the problem to be solved, yet it must be expressed in relation to the terms given by the values of the subsystem’s reliability, with the specification of the function of the costs for the subsystems, at the same time allowing the overview of the problem related to optimization. A complex example for this is the examination upon the allocation of the software reliability. In my paper I have also carried out an evaluation of the preliminary distribution methods proposed. One of the possibilities is to use specific and accurate methods for optimization. Generally, if the focus is upon a more developed and complex case, this case will present itself with repeated approaches.


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