The Effects of Gender and Age on the Cerebral Ventricles / Brain Ratio Morphometric Study


  • Alaa Suliman Mohammed Suliman Faculty of radiological sciences, University of medical sciences and technology, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Alfadil Osman Alawad quality hospital ,Khartoum, Sudan
  • Caroline Edward Ayad Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of medical radiology science P.O box. 1908, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Amel Alsaied Hasan AbdAlrahem Faculty of radiological sciences, University of medical sciences and technology, Khartoum, Sudan


Morphology, MRI.


The evaluation of the normal measurements of the cerebral ventricles in the living human has great importance in the diagnosis and monitoring of several pathologies, some previous studies reported variable results concerning the measurements of ventricles. But, and to best of our knowledge, and what was found in the open literature; there is no enough data concerning normative Sudanese measurement for cerebral ventricles.  The aim of the study to analyze  the morphometric measurements of the Lateral Ventricles of the brain, in different age group individuals of both genders by MR imaging. descriptive analytical studywere done to show the sizes of brain lateral ventricles on Axial Brain MRI section, in which 80 normal adult  Sudanese patients(40 male, 40female), were measured(1.5 Tesla).MR Image were acquired in T1weighted image using axial view of the cerebral hemisphere, the following vertical and longitudinal dimensions of both lateral ventricles, Anterior Horn (A.H), body, Posterior Horn(PH), Brain Width (B.W), Brain Length(B.W), Lateral Ventricle Length( V.L), were measured. Data statistical analyzed were conducted using SPSS (Statistical Presentation System Software) for windows version 14.0 Evaluation, where student test and chi-square test was used for analysis for statistical significance and an ?-level of 0.05were considered with a 95% confidence level and intervals.The results revealed that sex-related difference was detected between genders where the body was found to be larger in male than female, while the age related changes seen in all parts of lateral ventricle when it was increase with increasing age.

This study concluded that regarding sex related difference in Sudanese population our finding reported there is significant statistical difference between genders where the body of lateral ventricle was found to be larger in male than female .Thus, no significant statistical difference between genders concerning the anterior horn and posterior horn. Regarding the age effect on the size of the lateral ventricle, in our study in Sudanese population, the size of the right and left anterior horn of lateral ventricle was increasing with age, this fact also true concern the posterior horn in both sides.Regard ventricular / brain ratio, we found that in our results there is unexplainable decrease in the ratio in group C (36-48 years), and increase in group E (62 – 74 years) (due to brain atrophy).In other hand this ratio remains equal in both genders, and in two sides. 


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