Reliability Improvement of System Reconfiguration by Considering the Time-varying Load with Optimal Scheduling of Distributed Generations

  • Wunna Thu Wunna Thu,Yangon Technological University, The Union of Myanmar
  • Phoo Ngone Si Phoo Ngone Si,Yangon Technological University, The Union of Myanmar
Keywords: Distributed generation, Fuzzy algorithm, Loss reduction, Optimum position, System reliability.


The distributed generation (DG) locations have significant impacts on network configuration and loss. By fixing DGs in suitable optimal locations and by generation power based on the load conditions, the total power loss in the system can be reduced and the system reliability can be improved. Distribution system reliability assessment is able to predict the interruption profile of a distribution system based on system topology and component reliability data. In this paper, Fuzzy algorithm is used to obtain the optimum position and size of DG units in the distribution network in order to reduce network loss at the lowest cost. Also, a time-varying load curve for optimal scheduling of DGs considering active power loss and DG cost is used. The result shows the improvement of bus voltage profile and decrease losses due to install the optimal size of DGs by optimal scheduling of distributed generations. The test system is Yangon 66kv; 45-bus and the results obtained reveal the effectiveness of proposed method.


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