Visual Skill Helping The Basic Education students to Construct their Own Educational Multimedia Application

  • Dr. Agabat Elnour Dr Agabat Elnour , Education Technology,Primary section,college of science &arts , ArRass. Qassim University, Saudia Arabia
Keywords: visual skill, multimedia, evaluation form.


The content of multimedia  representations is  a kind of semantic multimedia artefacts, And this content was affected by, cognitive and cultural and skill background of the designer.- This study is conducted to understand the interplay of visual skill  in constructing  educational multimedia  technologies in students of  Qassim University college of  science &arts-ArRass. A  Study was conducted on 40 students, who are The Basic Education Department students, a cross sectional data were  collected through a  structured evaluation form After arbitration by experts in the field of education,  using interview method. The data collected was analysed using SPSS revealed  that  students can  design their own  multimedia for classes and  lack significant due to  student with high  visual skill, have  the ability to construct  educational multimedia better than students with  low visual skill. 


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